About Sarah

Sarah, also known as Sarah J Sequins, started her blogging life off as a beader and jewelry maker.

This was fun, but she realized that too much of the same thing over and over and over drove her crazy -- and that she needed a beading hiatus.

She rekindled her love of collecting and customizing dolls, and soon began making clothing for her plastic friends, creating rooms for them in her former bookshelf (sorry, books!), rescuing stuffed animals from thrift stores, and making up personalities for all of them.

Sarah was happy with her new toy family. She was also lonely for other doll and toy collectors, however, and started following doll blogs and channels on Youtube. Not technologically sophisticated enough for a channel of her own, she created this blog as a place to share her misadventures.

She also enjoys thrift shopping, snuggling dogs, telling and listening to scary stories, making little pies, and writing about herself in the third person. She has been known to do a little voice acting, especially when there is stop motion animation involved. 

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