Sunday, April 5, 2015

Re-root: Ruby (and friends)

Dolly friends, did you know that last month I only bought two dolls?

That's right. Just two dolls. You see, as much as I love dolls, I have another passion... dogs. I make my money pet sitting and dog walking, which is the best job I've ever had. I always try to go above and beyond for my furry clients, but lately I've been feeling an undeniable need to help dogs who don't have homes yet. So I challenged myself to give the average amount of money I spend on dolls each month to an amazing animal charity. And I was not allowed to buy any dolls off of eBay, which is where I adopt most of my plastic friends.

Instead of buying new dolls, I (mostly) focused on the ones I already have. I finished a re-root on poor Laila, who was waiting forever for the bottom half of her hair, and now that I know how to thatch a part, I fixed Kenzie's part and gave her a few more hair plugs. But the doll I'm most proud of is Ruby, who got extra hair plugs, a thatched part, and a trim.

When I got back into collecting Barbies again, I discovered the Tarina Tarantino doll. I wanted one so, so much, but I didn't have a few hundred dollars to spend. What I did have, though, was a Barbie Basics doll I'd bought for super cheap on eBay and plenty of shades of pink to choose from at Dolly Hair.

The result was Ruby Reddington, one of the few dolls in my collection with a last name. After almost a year without a thatched part, she's finally finished!

Ruby's hair is a bit redder than Tarina's, and she doesn't have bangs. This makes her happy because she gets to be her own person doll. But since I happened to have a tiara sitting around, I let her have it. I also made her some glitzy jewelry. It looks more complicated than it is! It's just two long beaded ropes looped around her neck a few times and stacked on top of each other. I used size 15 seed beads and 2 millimeter faceted beads from City Beads, my favorite bead store in Chicago.

I also made the dress. It was an experiment -- I'm still trying to make the perfect fitted dress out of stretchy material. I cut slits in the sides because it didn't fit her below the waist, but in the end, I think this style is perfect for her. Next time I'd like to make one with darts in the front.

Ruby thought she would get the photo session, and this post, all to herself. Boy, was she surprised when not one, but two of her friends showed up! The first one is Lydia Holland, another doll with a first and last name, and the same version of the Barbie Basics doll. One of my favorites in the line.

Lydia claimed she wanted readers to get a chance to see how Ruby looked before her makeover, but she's a tricky one. When she insisted on a change of clothes and a new hairstyle, and then a chain necklace I'd made using the new O-Beads, I knew it was less about the reader than it was about... Lydia. But she's cute, so she got away with it.

Then someone else showed up. None other than Domingo Flamingo, one of my rescue birds. He said he wanted to kick-start his career as an international model and hearth-throb, and normally I would believe him because wow, that bird has an ego, but he also has a little crush. Because Ruby is so pink, he thinks she's another flamingo! Ruby doesn't quite know how to set him straight.

"One of these days," says Mingo, "I'm going to be Mr. Ruby Reddington."

"Oh, dear..." says Ruby.

Working on Ruby and her friends made the month fly by (like a lovesick flamingo). Once I've earned a little more money from dog-sitting, I'll do another monthly challenge. Until then, I'll continue to play with dolls both old and new, and I'll keep you posted on the antics of the dolls, Mingo, and the other crazy toys. Mingo may be misguided, but Peanut the ostrich is having a complete identity crisis!

Much love,

Sarah J Sequins

(And toys Lydia the evil genius)


  1. Both girls are really lovely, now Ruby has a real problem with Mingo...LOL

    1. Thanks, Billa!

      Yes, poor Ruby. She has asked me to introduce Mingo to the Flamingo Barbie on the top shelf of my doll room in hopes he'll forget about her. ;)

  2. Wow, what a transformation! She looks super sweet in her new hair color!!! Again, a great job of rerooting the hair!. Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you! <3 I just wish the camera liked that hot pink a little more. The true color is so vivid and bright, it's amazing.

      Happy belated Easter to you!

  3. So commendable of you to help out animals! The girls look great.

    1. Thanks, Muff!

      Dogs are my people. <3 If I had my way, I would adopt all of them! Or I would give them all the money in my bank account. Neither of these options is practical, sadly, but I did come up with a fundraising idea that I can tie into this blog. Really looking forward to posting it.