Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pink and purple quilt!

Dolly friends, I had so much fun showing off my blue and white doll quilt, I thought I'd share another one. Introducing... the pink and purple quilt!

This is the second quilt I made during my quilt-making frenzy last year. It and the pillows are made of Idea Store fabrics, and most of the pieces are leftover scraps from doll dresses. The felt pillow is also made of Idea Store materials and stuffed with scraps of fabric that were too small to sew -- waste not, want not, right?

The bed skirt is just a piece of lace I pinned in the back, and the bed itself is a plastic storage container that used to hold beads; at the moment, it holds all the matchless shoes I keep finding in thrift stores. The bed goes in the pink and purple room with a nice faux-wicker chair and tiny vase of flowers -- both incredible Idea Store finds. Besides dolls, it's also a resting place for one of their stuffed animals, a tiny blue elephant. Ellie was originally on a key chain I found at Joann's. I wanted to show her off, since she's very cute, but she was feeling camera shy.

At the moment, I have seven quilts left to show you. A tame number, compared to all the ziplock bags full of interesting fabric combinations, lurking in my closet! I hope to show them soon, but until then, I have photos of some new dolls to share. I'll post them in the next few days.

Much love,

Sarah J. Sequins

(And quilts)


  1. How ADORABLE!!!! And it's so well made. I love your quilt, Sarah!!!!!

    1. Aww! Thanks! I can't wait to show you the other ones. <3

  2. Darn. Now my dolls are pouting 'cause they think a quilt or two could be the highlight of a slumber party ;-)

    Your quilts are fab. This one is pretty, but I really liked the blue and white one.

    1. The quilts are surprisingly easy to make. I don't even bind them -- I just do a faux binding by sewing fabric strip borders all around, and then I sew the front and back parts of the quilt together like a pillow case.

      Thanks! The blue and white is one of my favorites. Just wait 'til you see the batik quilt, though!