Saturday, July 25, 2015

New dolls! Barbie Fashionistas.

Dolly friends, I have two new dolls to share with you today!

Overall, I've been very impressed with the new Barbie Fashionistas line. It's true that I wish they were articulated, and that the presence of icky sticky glue in their heads irritates me to no end, but I love the variety of face molds and skin tones Mattel has used for these dolls, and I like their modern look. Here are two of my favorites.

The first is Naomi. I was so, so excited to find her at my local Meijer! She's wearing a dress and necklace that I made, and that she borrowed especially for the photo shoot. She likes it so much, I don't think she'll be giving it back to Sasha anytime soon.

Naomi will be getting a re-root to take care of the glue in her head. I'm going to ditch the bangs so we can see more of her pretty face, and she has informed me that she wants funky colored hair. Maybe dark pink, to match the dress. I might have just what she's looking for, and I'm thinking... super long with a high ponytail.

The second doll is Tyler. I found her at Toys R Us, and I couldn't resist the red hair and freckles. She'll also need a re-root to get rid of the glue, but luckily, I have the exact same color in my collection. I'm going to keep it long, make it a little thicker, and maybe give her some curls at the bottom.

Tyler is wearing a dress I made. At this point, it's probably a little redundant to mention that it's Idea Store fabric, but I will mention that the skirt has been embellished with tiny blue flower sequins. I bought my sequins at Cartwright's Sequins, which is a fabulous place.

Tyler borrowed the dress from Delia, one of the dolls living in the Blue and White Room (you can see the quilt here). I offered to let Delia wear another dress while she waited to have hers back, but she went for a brown felt coat, instead. Which... made her look like a flasher, but she's a clever girl. "If I don't get my dress back after the photo shoot," she warned me, "I might start acting like a flasher. There's just one little button on this coat, after all. One itty bitty, teeny tiny button, and it could come undone so easily!"

Tyler and I agreed that she would get the dress back right away. We don't need anybody riling the Ken dolls up. Meanwhile, Sasha wished that she also had a flasher coat.

Here's a photo of Naomi and Tyler together...

"Nice dress," said Naomi. "You should get blue hair to match it."

"I don't know," said Tyler. "Delia seems pretty determined to get it back. Uh oh... did I just hear a button popping???"

In the background, Delia made creepy flasher comments, a la Monty Python. Sasha just laughed and laughed until she snorted. This made Naomi and Ty fall over snickering, and soon, we had to cut the photo shoot short because there was a big pile of hysterical dolls on the floor. Oh, these girls. Never a dull moment.

Stay tuned for more new dolls (no, Delia. New. New dolls, not nude dolls). Three of them are from one of my favorite lines, Barbie Basics. One of them has already had a re-root. And all of them are certifiably insane! Which puts them in good company, actually.

Much love,

Sarah J Sequins
(And dolls)


  1. Hi Sarah. I like your new dolls very much. Since I can't see the glue in the photos, their hair seems nice as well. But I know how good you are at rerooting so I'll be interested to see what you do with their hair. Also, nice dresses you've made for the two of them!!!

    1. Thanks, April!

      So far, the glue is only seeping into the roots of the hair, so it still does look pretty good. I wish I could leave Ty's hair the way it is and just add a little more for volume! But we'll have fun playing beauty salon. <3

  2. Naomi and Tyler look lovely in their new dresses. Was Naomi's name inspired by Naomi Campbell? She does favor her.

    I look forward to seeing their reroots.


    1. Thanks, Debbie! Yes, I named her after Naomi Campbell. There's a pretty good likeness there. :)

      I'm looking forward to re-rooting them. My other idea for Naomi was a dark brown that looks a lot like her original hair, but it turns out I don't quite have enough of it.

  3. Girls just wanna have fun, hey? Looks like they're living it up.

    Man, that's a shame about the glue head situation. These dolls are on my Wish List. But I'm lazy about re-rooting. Hmmm ...

    1. There's never a dull moment with my girls around. :D

      Yeah, the glue situation is pretty sad. I don't mind re-rooting a doll if I have plenty of things to watch on Hulu or scary stories to listen to on Youtube, but I know that not everyone feels that way! It takes so, so much time.